Our Story

Childhoods are precious and fleeting. And as mothers of young children, we want to dress our children beautifully and with care. We looked around and fell in love with the styles of bygone eras, where each outfit was a piece of art, carefully made by hand with beautiful embroidery and embellishments.

So we sourced for skilled artisans, who share that love and founded our label Piccolini in 2019. We hope that through Piccolini, which means “little ones”, we can bring back a bit of that nostalgic glamour for our children. Sadly these skilled artisans are dwindling in numbers and we hope that with Piccolini, we can spread the love for these beautiful styles and help support the artisan community.

Each piece is hand finished with care from start to end, so delivering each item can be a slow and laborious process. Hence we keep each Piccolini collection small and produce limited quantities of each style.

All the time and effort required for each piece means careful thought is given for each Piccolini style, from the design, thread colours combination, fabric selection to the choice of embellishments. We are involved in every step of the design and production stage to ensure that the end product embodies that timeless beauty and craftsmanship to be passed down for generations or as a beautiful childhood keepsake.